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Unsere Massagen

Relax, regeneration or troubles – we have the correct massage for you!

Sharipov full body regeneration massage

Each organ of the body, the blood and lymph system projects to several muscles in the body. All muscles convey information about the status of the body at the present time. These may be chronic pain, tension and / or psychosomatic complaints. Through gentle or intensive touch we try to release tension, activate energy meridians and stimulate reflex zones. By specific massage of the muscles and organs the regeneration process is brought to a higher level, the aging process slows down, the body manages its own initiative back to health. Important is an adequate supply of the body with water.

Wellness massage

You don’t have any diseases, want to relax and enjoy being? Then this full body massage is the best you can do. Enjoy the tranquillity of our ambiance and be guided by the gentle sound of music and taste the most pleasant aromas.

Partial body massage

For those who want to have a short massage for the day. You decide what is most important for you. A neck or a feet massage. A classical back massage or acupressure on your head. 30 minutes just for you to relax.


Our feet are a mirror of our entire body. Through the reflexology it is possible to treat the whole body and the organs.
A wonderful way to support the body in its healing process and well-being.

Hot stone Massage

A soothing massage that combines classical massage with hot lava stones.
In addition the stones are placed specifically on different skin areas, tense muscles and Chakra points.
The metabolism is stimulated, blockages get released and the energy flow is harmonized.

For further information please contact Anna-Sarah Fischer. Phone (040) 35 71 80 20 she will be glad to assist you!